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Master To Hai Le |

With a remarkable 20-year legacy in healthcare and naturopathy in Vietnam, Master To Hai Le is the creative force behind Khi Tam Therapy and the founder of Khi Tam Therapy Limited. Her expertise extends to four years in the UK, a Master's in Naturopathy from the Bengal Naturopathic Association, and 49 days of meditation and energy transformation in the Himalayas. She's a trailblazing project leader in spinal health and cancer research, having trained over 5000 Yoga and Meditation Healing Instructors. As a former Vice President of the Vietnam Yoga Federation, Director of Zen Leadership Asia Institute, and best-selling author, her journey to holistic wellness continues with a Master of Osteopathy degree at the University College of Osteopathy, UK.



Khi Tam Body Balance -

First Consultation

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Khi Tam Healing Meditation

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Khi Tam Pain Management -
Hands-on massage


Khi Tam Chakras Science

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Khi Tam Yoga Therapy


FEBI Energy Assessment


Khi Tam Posture Adjustment

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Khi Tam Mind Healing Coach

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