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With a remarkable 20-year legacy in the fields of healthcare and naturopathy in Vietnam, Master To Hai Le stands as a beacon of holistic well-being. She is not just an expert; she's a pioneer and innovator. As the creator of Khi Tam Therapy and the founder of Khi Tam Therapy Limited, she has revolutionised the path to wellness.

Her journey transcends borders, encompassing four years of enriching experience in healthcare and naturopathy in the UK. She holds the esteemed title of Master in Naturopathy, granted by the Bengal Naturopathic Association in India, a testament to her commitment to excellence.

A meditation master, she spent 49 transformative days on the peaks of the Himalayas, unlocking the power of the mind and energy transformation. This experience shaped her unique approach to healing and well-being.

Master To Hai Le's contributions extend far beyond her personal journey. She has led numerous research projects on spinal health and cancer diseases, a testament to her commitment to advancing the field of healthcare.

Her impact reverberates globally, having successfully trained over 5000 Yoga and Meditation Healing Instructors, spreading the message of holistic wellness to communities far and wide.

As a former Vice President of the Vietnam Yoga Federation and the former Director of the

Zen Leadership Asia Institute, her leadership in the wellness industry is unparalleled.

Two of her best-selling books, "Khi Tam Meditation – The art of purifying body and mind to balance your life" and "Khi Tam Therapy heals 5 human bodies,"

have touched the lives of countless individuals in Vietnam.

Master To Hai Le's pursuit of knowledge and excellence is ceaseless.

She is currently studying for a Master of Osteopathy degree at

the University College of Osteopathy in the UK, further expanding

her expertise and insight into the realm of holistic well-being.

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